Power supply aluminum plate

- Oct 25, 2016 -

Power aluminum plate has slowly common market power for cooling requirements are the highest in aluminium industry, directly affecting the life of the power Board itself and heating, aluminum plate was mature at this stage today, power aluminum plate was born. Power aluminium substrates from ambient temperature influence at work. High-power LED photoelectric conversion efficiency is low, only 10%~25% of the working process of electric energy into light energy, remaining almost entirely converted into heat. Car headlights installed on a hot engine compartment, hot water tanks, engine, exhaust heat generated by led lamp placed in a harsh environment. Traditional light bulb produces heat much higher than LED, but the brightness of the bulb output will not change because of the heat, which focuses on thermal design of shell temperature design. While LED light output because of their heat or heat from the engine compartment and affecting the itself PN junction temperature stable, LED luminous flux φ v and important parameters such as wavelength by the direct impact of PN junction temperature, this negative temperature cycle will lead to sharp decline in luminous efficiency and long life. Cooling LED as the light source design of important issues.

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