Fluorescent lamp aluminum plate

- Oct 25, 2016 -

Fluorescent lamps, aluminum plate more general type, basic is based on LED fluorescent lamp sizes length and width, fluorescent lamps, aluminum plate with high quality, durable and energy-saving features were loved by the majority of manufacturers.

Chinese name: fluorescent lamps, aluminum base plates

Features: high quality, durable and energy-saving of power over 70%

Advantage: maintenance-free, no regular replacement lamp

Fluorescent energy-saving aluminum base plate is over 70%, 12W LED solar lighting intensity equivalent to 40W fluorescent lamp LED fluorescent lamp life for the ordinary lamps more than 10 times, almost maintenance-free, without replacing the lamp, ballast, starter. Fluorescent lamps, aluminum plate as the name suggests is generally 2 types, and 5050 SMD 3528 SMD aluminum plate aluminum plate, fluorescent internal temperature is relatively high, normally fluorescent lamps used in more than 10 hours a day, in order to solve the temperature cooling effect, studied for fluorescent lamps, aluminum plate, which solves the problems of heat and energy saving.

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