Detailed characteristics of PCB plate base plate

- Oct 25, 2016 -

FR-1:1. halogen-free plates, conducive to environmental protection; 2. high resistance to electrical tracking index (more than 600 volts, special request required); 3. suitable for punches of temperature in order to 40~70℃, 4. arch curvature, distortion rate small and stable.

FR-2: superior tracking resistance (above 600V) 5. low cost and wide; 6. excellent resistance to moisture or heat; 7. suitable for punches of temperature in order to 40~70℃; 8. arch curvature, distortion rate small and stable; 9. superior dimensional stability.

CEM-3: excellent machinability, punching. 1. the electrical properties and the FR-4, processing and FR-4 the same, bit wear rate is smaller than the FR-4; 2. the level of the tracking resistance of (CTI 175V, CTI300V, and CTI 600V); 3. meet the requirements of IPC-4101A.

FR-4: no halogens, bromine and chlorine content of less than 0.09% (Halogen-free, Br/Cl content below 0.09%). 1. does not contain antimony and phosphorus, burns without residues of toxic elements (Antimony and Red phosphor free, Absence of highly toxic dioxins in burning exhaust gas); 2. sheets with KB-6160 hard (Harder than KB-6160).

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